Auto Repair in Charles County

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Boswell's Auto can perform your warranty work.

Boswell’s Auto can perform your warranty work.

We need cars to work, play, travel, and keep in touch with family and friends. They don’t need to be as costly and frustrating to maintain as you may often have experienced.

Your first inclination when something doesn’t sound right with your vehicle, or you need routine maintenance, may be to take it to the dealer who sold you the car in the first place. It may seem like the smartest move to take a Ford to a Ford dealer since their mechanics should be the most knowledgeable about their cars, and they should be faster repairing them because they are so familiar with them. This, however, is not always the case.

Should you go to the place with advertisements guaranteeing the lowest prices? Not necessarily. Your vehicle is often your only option for getting you and your family around, and you want repairs done right. Extra attention to detail might cost more, but it adds in safety, gas mileage, and the time before you need to get more repairs done.

What if you could take your car to a shop that would offer excellent service no matter what the make of your vehicle, and do it at competitive prices? And what if they went the extra mile to relieve the pain and inconvenience of the repair?

Such a place is Boswell’s Auto Service, located in Waldorf Maryland. If you are fortunate enough to live in southern Maryland, Boswell’s just might be a great source of relief from auto repair pain! For 75 years, they have offered excellent service on all cars and models, both foreign and domestic. If your car breaks down in Charles County out of town, their 24 hour towing service will get you to the shop in short order. Once there, if the mechanics are not sure what the problem is, they will do free diagnostics with approved repairs. You may need only safety inspection or your A/C fixed, or you may need a motor replaced; no problem! Boswell’s is ASE certified: that’s Automotive Service Excellence, a real comfort when you know little about the vehicle yourself!

As added bonuses, there is free Wi-Fi while you wait for the job to be completed. Their internet site offers weekly care tips and coupons you will glad to cash in. All in all, this is a first to check out for your auto repair and maintenance needs.