Jewelry for every occasion

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When I think of jewelry, I usually picture glittery necklaces, rings and ear rings. But when I check out Rick’s Jewelers web site, I see a whole wonderful world of shine, and glamour, and subtle beauty.

There are those necklaces, rings and ear rings, but also bracelets, pendants and lockets. There are diamonds in gold or sterling silver settings and other precious jewels in a rainbow of color. The soft sheen of cultured pearls and a collection of gems to represent family birthstones are treasures to be discovered. This is the place to have those class or team rings made and engraved.

Not to allow the women to monopolize the market, there is also a whole line of men’s jewelry. There are chains, cuff links ear rings, and tie clips in combinations to suit individual tastes.
Of course, whether you are married, contemplating marriage, or single, you will still have to gaze with wonder at the magic of the engagement ring and wedding bands sets. There is a wide range of looks and prices to choose from.

Since the company is in the business of beautifying through accessories, they also include watches, from simple and functional to elegant and flashy. Purses of all shapes and sizes will catch the woman’s eye. There are tiny clutch purses to go with that exotic dress, wrist bags, soft white bridal clutches, and larger totes.

You will need some time to peruse the collection to appreciate the tremendous variety and exceptional value of Rick’s offerings. You may choose an in-stock item, or have the jeweler custom design a piece just for you or your loved one. To make a gift especially personal, you may have the piece you have chosen engraved with a name or message.

Take your time and bask in the glow of the glitter and shine at Rick’s Jewelers.