PSA – Noise Complaints – “Rock On Respectfully”

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Rock On Respectfully

Rock On Respectfully

Spring is settling in and many drivers are operating vehicles with the sunroofs and windows open, tops down and music playing as they enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Recently the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints of vehicles traveling along roadways playing extremely loud music. The excessively loud music is particularly disturbing in residential neighborhoods and other public areas such as parking lots and community parks.

Maryland Transportation Article 21, Sec. 1122, Paragraph (c) reads: “When a motor vehicle is being operated on a highway, the driver of the vehicle may not operate or
permit the operation of a sound amplification system from the vehicle that can be heard outside the vehicle from 50 or more feet.” A person who violates this section is subject
of a fine of $70.00.

As you journey down the road, listening to your favorite song please be considerate of others by playing the music at a reasonable volume and within the law. “Rock On Respectfully”.

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