Tiki Bar Opening Arrests

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Calvert County Sheriff deputies arrested 11 people during this weekend’s annual Tiki Bar opening in Solomons Island. Six were arrested on Friday, one for failure to obey a lawful order and five for disorderly conduct. On Saturday, 5 people were arrested, three for disorderly conduct and two for second degree assault.

Friday April 25 Arrests


William A. Purdy, Jr., 43 of Pasadena            Failure to Obey a Lawful Order



Shawn T. Lotter, 25 of Lexington Park          Disorderly Conduct

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Jason L. Marks, 26 of Pittsburgh                    Disorderly Conduct



Drew R. Greer, 22 of Hollywood                   Disorderly Conduct




Carson E. Steele, 22 of Lexington Park         Disorderly Conduct



Jake C. Horn, 21 of Hollywood                     Disorderly Conduct




Saturday April 26 Arrests

Brenna C. Jewell, 28 of Warrenton                Disorderly Conduct



Sean M. Rice, 26 of Mechanicsville               Disorderly Conduct



John W. Leaman, 27 of Lusby                        Second Degree Assault



Jeremy M. O. Blasiar, 24 of Waldorf             Disorderly Conduct



Justin S. Grimes, 24 of Dowell                       Second Degree Assault






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