Vice Narcotics-St. Mary’s County

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Detectives and Detention Center staff worked together after information was received that there may be a contraband smuggling attempt by a work release inmate. The inmate, O’Bryan Keith Lincoln (Age 22) was said to have a hiding spot within the Governmental Center campus where he has been “stashing” prescription medication. That area was identified and searched with negative results. Inmate Lincoln was observed returning to the detention center and before doing so, stopped at the hiding location. As inmate Lincoln was attempting to hide the controlled substances he was detained by detectives. Recovered were 8 “Oxycodone” tablets and a quantity of “Suboxone”. It is believed that inmate Lincoln was hiding the drugs to ingest before and after his work release housing period. He was charged accordingly and returned to the detention center. 

Charles Edward Summers (Age 30 of Great Mills) was indicted by detectives and charged with “Possession of Oxycodone with the Intent to Distribute” and two counts of “Possession of an altered Prescription”. The two altered prescriptions were for “Oxycodone” and “Methadone”. He was originally held without bond.

Inquiries should be directed to Captain Daniel D. Alioto, Commander of Vice Narcotics, at 301-475-4200 x1918.

 Lincoln, O'Brien 081713 Summers, Charles 081713


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