Vice/Narcotics Make Arrests: St. Marys County

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Vice/Narcotics detectives observed a drug transaction take place in a Hollywood business parking lot and all parties were detained. Suspect  Lesile Anne Alvey (Age 22 of Chaptico)  had filled her prescription for 120 “oxycodone” tablets just moments before the transaction, giving two tablets to a another suspect, Kellie Renee Fry (Age 26 of Huntingtown, Md.). Suspect Fry was observed making contact with Suspect James Thomas Tawney Sr. (Age 51 of Lexington Park, Md.) and removed pills from under her shirt and the transaction between the two occurred. Recovered from Suspect Tawney Sr. were two “oxycodone” tablets. Recovered from Suspect Alvey were 118 “oxycodone” tablets (Street Value of nearly $2,000). Another suspect inside the vehicle was identified as Ronald “Ronny” Sylverster Buckler Jr. (Age 37 of Chaptico). He was found to be in possession of marijuana, related paraphernalia and an illegal knife. Additional detectives recovered Alprazolam in another person’s name and 32 “Methadone” pills. All suspects were arrested and additional charges are pending.

Alvey, Leslie Anne 101513 Fry, Kellie Renee 101513 Tawney Sr., James Thomas 101513Buckler Jr., Ronald Sylvester 101513

James Everett Brown Seaton (Age 26 of Mechanicsville) was indicted after detectives made undercover purchases of “oxycodone” from him on several occasions. He was charged with multiple counts of “Distribution and Possession with the Intent to Distribute Oxycodone”.

Vice/Narcotics Support Team Deputy David Potter attempted to stop a vehicle operated by Jermaine Dwayne Davis (Age 32 of Lexington Park). Suspect Davis stopped the vehicle, fled on foot and was apprehended after a brief chase. Cocaine and marijuana were recovered along with more than $500.00 in cash. Detectives continued the investigation and executed search and seizure warrants collecting additional information that led to a felony drug indictment being handed down by the St. Mary’s County Grand Jury.

Davis, Jermaine 0213

James Daniel Seifert (Age 21 of Lexington Park) was indicted for “Distribution of Marijuana”.

Seifert, James Daniel 083013

Kevin Russell Bryant (Age 22 of Lexington Park) was indicted and charged with “Possession with the Intent to Distribute Amphetamines” and “Conspiring to deliver Amphetamines”.

Bryant, Kevin Russell 0513

John Edward Carroll (Age 57 of Great Mills) was observed selling prescription medication in a business parking lot. He was detained and recovered from him was a quantity of “Codeine” and “Hydrocodone”. Both controlled dangerous substances were in a sufficient quantity that indicated an intent to distribute. He was originally held without bond.

Carroll, John 100913

Inquiries should be directed to Captain Daniel D. Alioto, Commander of Vice/Narcotics, at 301-475-4200 x1918.

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